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Policy Officer

Posted: Jun 11, 2021 Closing Date: Jun 30, 2021
Category: Admin / General

CFUR is a non-profit, volunteer based campus-community radio station that broadcasts from the University of Northern British Columbia.

The Policy Officer (PO) works under the Station Manager, and closely with the Volunteering Department to develop & update our organization’s policies, then implement them. To do this, the ​ PO​’s central role is to revise old policy and update it to reflect our changing world, and role in our community. They then inform our members of the changes and re-introduce these policies to the station and its membership, ranging from On-Air Policy, Safety, to HR. Creating workshops and guiding members through relevant workshops so they comfortably gain familiarity. These concepts and materials may be complex and the PO​ is tasked with the clarification of these policies with aids until the volunteers have reached a level of independence. As the​ PO​ gains experience, they are asked to assist the Volunteer Coordinator (VC) in training new recruits to station rules & regulations. Furthermore, the ​PO​ connects with various cultural and art institutions in the community to collaborate on policy development. The ​PO​ inclusively trains people from all walks of life within our Zero to Hero training program with the VC. Within this, they familiarize new recruits with our safe space policy, and how to treat each other respectfully. By doing this in our workspace, our recruits can then carry the open-mindedness of the safe space forward into our community. This leads to growing an environment with wider spread acceptance of opposing values, calm discussion of differences, acknowledgement of life experience, and development of mutual respect. Whether thoughts are shared on air or in conversation we believe that the media skills we provide can be taught to anyone. The​ Policy Officer then trains & encourages volunteers to train others in various workshops.

Company Name: CFUR Radio Society
Contact Person: Ian Gregg
Address: 3333 University Way Prince George BC V2N 4Z9
Telephone: 778-693-2387 *4
Email: stationmanager@cfur.ca
Attachment: CSJ 2021 - Policy Officer.pdf
Employment: Part-time,Contract
End Date: Oct 8, 2020
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