Urban Aboriginal Working Group (UAWG)

The Urban Aboriginal Working Group (UAWG) is a standing committee of PGNAETA.  The constitution of PGNAETA has been revised to devolve decision making authority to the UAWG. The UAWG consists of representatives nominated by their respective Urban Aboriginal organizations that have successfully provided services in the areas of Human Resources development and labour market development. The UAWG exercises strategic planning and decision making authority over three urban/rural community funds, with PGNAETA as the host administrator.

The purpose of the Prince George Urban Aboriginal Working Group is to:
  • Oversee the implementation of the HRSD Urban Component Funding in Prince George;
  • Oversee the implementation of the First Nations urban / rural fund in PG / Nechako region (an allocation set aside by Board of Directors and Chiefs to respond to the off-reserve and non-status Aboriginal citizens;
  • Oversee the implementation of the Urban Aboriginal Homelessness budget in the urban setting of PG;
  • Identify the types of services to be provided;
  • Set funding priorities for each fiscal period;
  • Ensure compliance with the Treasury Board Transfer Payment Policy and Cash Management Policy terms and conditions;
  • Establish targets for results based measurements and performance measurements;
  • Manage the flow of funding;
  • Develop marketing and communication tools; and
  • Conduct yearly strategic planning sessions.
The main goal of the UAWG is to increase the Urban Aboriginal employment rates. We use a complete roster of employment and training programs that will support and assist clients to achieve the education and skill requirements of the employers. The UAWG issues a RFP based on program roster criteria and eligibility that targets clients within the PGNAETA service delivery area. These applications focus on the twelve (12) current Employment and Training Priorities.


For further information please contact:

Jim Lambert - Urban Aboriginal Program Services Coordinator



198 Kingston Street
Prince George,
British Columbia
V2L 1C3

Tel: 250-561-1199
Fax: 250-561-1149
Toll Free: 1-800-510-0515