Membership Guidelines

  • The number of representatives will be determined by Urban Aboriginal Service Providers, with the maximum number established as nine (9) members.
  • Representatives to the UAWG will be appointed by key stakeholders in Prince George, identified as Urban Aboriginal organizations who currently provide Human Resource and Labour Market Development services to Aboriginal clients.
  • Members must have letters of support from their respective nominating organizations.
  • Nominating organizations (identified as key stakeholders) can replace a member by providing a letter of replacement to the Working Group. Should a member voluntarily resign from the Working Group, the replacement must have a letter of support from their respective organization.
  • One alternate may be named and must have a letter of support from their respective organization.
  • The alternate, when attending as a replacement, must have full voting authority.
  • Nominees must demonstrate that they are a full-time resident of Prince George.
  • Nominees are responsible to demonstrate Aboriginal ancestry accompanied by acceptable documentation (i.e. Status Card, UNN Card, Metis Card).
  • Nominating organizations must demonstrate that they have successfully provided the services referred to in the membership guidelines.


  • PGNAETA - Karin Hunt
  • Elder - Duncan Gouchie
  • PGNFC - Gwen Budskin
  • CSTC - Ben Berland
  • PGAHS - Christos Vardacostas
  • ABDA - Vince Prince
  • Metis 5 - Karen Erickson
  • CSFS - Patrick Coon
  • PLN - Angela Paul
  • Lheidli - Vacant


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