Aboriginal Employment Gateway

The “Aboriginal Employment Gateway”, was formed to accommodate the needs of both supply and demand (workforce and industry), as a foray into a new dynamic of working toward greater participation of the Aboriginal workforce in today’s labour market. The “Gateway” is a walk-in client service with a twofold service; to place clients in industry based training and to work with industry to create job opportunities.

The Aboriginal Employment Gateway will provide services to a clientele that is divergent in needs, education levels, skills and experience. Clients request a broad range of assistance and often support is needed to assist the client in addressing personal issues, family planning, financial planning, access to funds from various sources and support throughout their training or on-the job work experiences.

The AEG team consults with the local Human Resource Centre office, the Ministry of Human Resources, the network of service providers in Prince George, community employment counselling services, actively participates in the First Nations Employment Coordinator network, consults with clients and industry, and seeks information and advice from her peers. The range of consultations include federal and provincial policyholders (Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation Board, Social Welfare, Student loans, Ministry of Education, and First Nations) across Canada.

Targeted Clientele

The target group identified to participate in PGNAETA interventions includes:

• Unemployed, self-employed, and under employed members of the Aboriginal labour force
• Members of the aboriginal labour force that are facing layoff due to technological or market change
• First Nations living off reserve, non-status, First Nations who originate from other areas of Canada, Inuit.
• Women, Youth, Disabled

Program Interventions

The AEG team works with the client to determine the most appropriate intervention to assist them in meeting their goals. Following the assessment process, the client meets with the coordinator to determine a program intervention, or a succession of interventions that are plausible. Success measures, employer needs and workplace policy, personal commitment, required supports, financial planning and information on employment opportunities are all part of the discussion prior to approving an intervention. The Association has developed a Job Access Centre with computers for clients to use in seeking employment and researching opportunities.

Applications from walk-in clients are assessed based on a first come, first serve basis. The program options available to the client include:

  • Individual Course Purchase - Acceptance Letter
  • Employer Supports (wages based work experiences)
  • Mobility Program

When warranted the team will develop group course purchases to address labour market needs, particularly in the field of natural resource based sectors and seasonal industry certification.

For further information contact:

Laurel Lattie, Aboriginal Employment Gateway Coordinator
Telephone: (250) 561-1199 ext. 254

Carmela Moore, Workforce Promoter
Telephone: (250) 561-1199 ext. 233


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