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Youth Worker

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 Closing Date: Dec 31, 2020
Category: Health / Social Services
Description: CFUR is a non-profit, volunteer based campus-community radio station that broadcasts from the University of Northern British Columbia. The Youth Worker (YW) works directly with the Station Manager, NewsRoom Coordinator (NRC), and Volunteer Coordinator (VC) to carry out CFUR’s engagement activities. Developing positive roles as mentors, the Youth Workers (YW) guide youth to success in their endeavour to learn the ins and outs of audio recording, podcasting, and broadcasting. They are to assist the COC when overseeing multiple units of campers, and addressing issues as they arise. While working with youth, the Counsellor will mitigate anxiety to provide encouragement and coaching to campers who come from all walks of life. They would be the central figures youth will encounter. They must become familiar with CFUR’s workshops, communicate clearly with colleagues, modify day plans when needed, take and share digital notes on what activities work well, suggest improvements, and point out possible future pitfalls in operation. Among these tasks, their central duties entail acting independently to work with youth, and as a team member in group settings, to carry out skill building exercises. To do this effectively, they will learn techniques in broadcasting and recording in order to better inform the youth. Building relationships with both youth and parents is essential to the role. These responsibilities will lead the YW to gain invaluable experience in education, communications, not-for-profit operations, and community relations while gaining a better understanding of the radio industry. Where necessary, they will seek assistance from the VC to strengthen various broadcasting concepts among themselves & the youth members. When the youth members express interest in independently broadcasting after the workshops are completed, the YW is to work with the VC to arrange that possibility.
Company Name: CFUR Radio Society
Contact Person: Ian Gregg
Address: 3333 University Way
Telephone: 7786932387
Email: stationmanager@cfur.ca
Attachment: CSJ 2020 - Youth Worker.pdf
Employment: Part-time
End Date: Dec 31, 2020

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