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Graphic Designer

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 Closing Date: Dec 31, 2020
Category: Admin / General
Description: The Graphic Designer (GD) works under the Station Manager and closely with the Music, News, and Web Departments to create visuals for the audio content created by the hosts of our station, and to support cultural and community events we promote. Responsible for creating the organization's visual content and creating a web-­presence for it, the GD is expected to use higher end design software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, along with open source software such as Google’s Office Suite. This individual is expected to integrate their designs with HTML/CSS in front end web design. This requires IT experience and a commitment to learn new ways of sharing visual information. They are also expected to prepare their designs for print. Both physical and digital mediums created will be used to advertise cultural and community enhancing events throughout town that benefit environmental protection initiatives, homelessness awareness, LGBTQ2 events, opportunities for children & youth, indigenous celebrations, and more in order to foster our community’s cultural development. A record of all these visuals will be kept in order to preserve these occasions historically. When the Youth Worker and Volunteer Coordinator have youth interested in graphic design, the Graphic Designer is to work with them to provide youth members with familiarity in creating and sharing visual material.
Company Name: CFUR Radio Society
Contact Person: Ian Gregg
Address: 3333 University Way
Telephone: 17786932387
Email: stationmanager@cfur.ca
Attachment: CSJ 2020 - Graphic Designer.pdf
Employment: Part-time
End Date: Dec 31, 2020

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