The Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Association (PGNAETA) has provided targeted apprenticeship and trades initiatives for the past ten (10) years. Our Trades initiatives include employment counseling, pre-trades training, seat purchases in Trades foundational programs - have culminated in staggering results with 6,400+ client interventions.

The designated programs and services provided have been able to partially address the critical needs expressed by;

  • First Nations Leaders
  • First Nations Employment Practitioners
  • First Nations Citizens

PGNAETA currently operates a Trades Division with classroom space, computer laboratory with qualified staff to facilitate industry preparatory programs. It is our goal to offer innovative programming for pre-Trades and Trades entry to prepare for the projected apprenticeship and trades opportunities.

To ensure the clients of the Trades Division’s programs and services are being appropriately assessed, there are several personal risk assessments that are completed to commence providing direct support mechanisms, (refer to the required program and / or service). Clarity is important when counseling individuals to determine exactly what their personal barriers are to success. Overcoming these barriers is a step by step process that for many clients may take years, while others overcome such barriers very quickly. The personal risk assessment outline is provided in (Section 1V: Essential Skills).

Canada has announced a need for qualified apprentices and trades with a need to fill the impending vacancies. PGNAETA is working to prepare First Nations people for this vast shortage. Since commencement, the Trades Division has assisted over 150 citizens with transportation, pre-Trades and conducted yearly promotional sessions while supporting 320+ individuals with apprenticeships.

Plan and develop. The Trades Division creates numerous expressions of interest, applications and proposals by conducting research to determine where potential funding is available.

Advertise - Development of a strategic marketing and promotional plan to enable the division to attract the community members who are interested in pursuing a lifelong career in a trade, attend programs and utilize direct funding for individual course purchases.

TOWES Assessments - (Test of the Workplace Essential Skills) PGNAETA holds the license for the northern interior for the TOWES assessment which was developed through the Bow Valley College.

Industry Engagement - Effective partnerships are developed over time and as the Trades Division continues to collaborate with numerous industries, such partnerships enable all stakeholders involved with beneficial results. This also includes community engagement as the division provides relevant information sessions to communities to advise of the vast trade shortage.

The Trades Division has worked with federal and provincial funding agencies, the First Nations communities, industry, municipalities, regional and local organizations to ensure delivery past the 2015 fiscal year. This forward thinking plan will not only expand on the skill levels of those clients who are provided with direct service, it will enable all the stakeholders involved a direct attachment to the advancement in the broader sense of the word community growth.



  • To create opportunities to increase Aboriginal representation in Trades;
  • To increase partnerships by engaging Industry in strategic dialogue;
  • To build a Skilled Aboriginal Labour Force by providing multi-dimensional support.

Services & Projects

  • Individual Course Purchases
  • Supplementary, Mobility
  • Targeted Wage Subsidies
  • Recruitment, Referral & Support Services
  • TOWES Testing

Funding is limited so contact:
Karla Wright, Trades Coordinator
Telephone: (250) 561-1199


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Prince George,
British Columbia
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